Company history

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Vagheggi, leading experts in the universe of esthetic!  For more than 40 years, millions of women throughout the world have been seduced by the exceptional performance of the Vagheggi treatment lines.

Furthermore, with over 700 beauty institutes using the Vagheggi products in the Province of Quebec only, their reputation is well established.  It is now your turn to be charmed by the soft Italian touch where textures, fragrances and results blend together to bring out your natural beauty and a radiant healthy look.


Founded in 1975, Vagheggi is a pioneer and the leading expert in phytocosmetic treatments in Italy. Reaching for a complete equilibrium between body, mind and spirit through aromatherapy, its plant and essential oils based products are developed in perfect harmony with nature and in close cooperation with the sciences of naturotherapy, bio energetic psychology as well as Chinese and Indu medicines.

The continuous discoveries in biogenetic, the purity of its raw materials, the strictness of the production processes and its rigorous scientific approach in creating innovative, exclusive and unique formulas, have all contributed to the incredible creations of high performance products that guarantee noticeable results both immediate and prolonged to its clientele.


In September 2011, Vagheggi has inaugurated its new laboratory. This has raised the bar in the cosmetic world since it is now the largest professional cosmetic laboratory in Europe!

Vagheggi works in close relationship with outside university research centers, independent laboratories and many experts in the field of cosmetics to guarantee the safety, the efficacy and the unique performance of its products. Each ingredient used is carefully selected and added to the formula only after a meticulous evaluation of its characteristics. Each Vagheggi product carries the authenticity and rigorous standard that is the landmark of the company.


With its vast experience in the beauty industry, Vagheggi offers you a complete line of products of exceptional quality, conceived to target the needs of any skin types.

With more than 275 products, the Vagheggi line has 12 specific lines for the face, 5 lines specializing in body treatments as well as other complementary lines such as; sun care products, pedicure and manicure, depilation and make-up.

In the last couple of years, Vagheggi has reached new height in the creation of its DL line that offers luxurious treatments for face and body.

In order to personalize and increase the efficiency of the treatments offered in beauty centers, Vagheggi has created a synergy of essential oils and minerals, highly concentrated and natural, that has a direct energizing, equilibrating and soothing action on the physical and mental state.


Vagheggi never ceases to impress in the creation of complex products derived from major scientific breakthrough and biotechnological innovations.  It develops revolutionary synergies, exclusive and patented, draws, in the heart of nature, remarkable biological ingredients, uses cosmeceutic components, proposes hypoallergenic formulas and carries out in vivo and in vitro tests to validate the efficacy of its products.

Advanced research has allowed Vagheggi to be a visionary in the discovery of the specific cosmetic action of peptides, biopolymers, nanotechnology, 24K gold particles and beta-glucan, an anti-ageing ingredient highly renowned today for its exceptional properties.  The VagheggiDelay line was the first in the world to be enriched with this marvelous active ingredient to delay the signs of ageing.

In its constant search for the highest quality and top of the line technology, the development of each new product, always more efficient, reflects the latest scientific discoveries.  Thanks to the nanotechnology it is now possible to reach the heart of the fibroblast (cell in the conjunctive tissue) for a deep penetration of the active ingredients. The 24K gold particles and the in vitro culture of vegetal stem cells ensure the purity of the molecules, a high concentration and an unlimited supply.  The Gold Stem line is a royal treatment for a more youthful looking skin born from exclusive biotechnologies.

Furthermore, Vagheggi took its inspiration from mesotherapy and ultrasound techniques to offer a new dimension to its anti-cellulite treatments to make them even more efficient; TERRA to fight the inesthetisms of primary and advanced cellulite; ACQUA, three unique, targeted body treatments to detoxify, firm and reshape the body. ACQUA is also an indispensable complement to a complete cellulite cure. This is a scientific revolution in the world of professional cosmetology.
All the avant-garde Vagheggi treatments bring undeniable results. Once you try their magic you will become entranced with your new sublimated skin!


Conscious of the environment, Vagheggi selects its ingredient from biological culture.  All the new formulation of its product lines are paraben free and stabilized naturally. The products are all tested under dermatological (Patch test) and microbiological (Challenge test) control, they are 100% made in Italy, they are not tested on animals and packaged in green card boxes and containers that do not release phthalates. The retail bags are made from recyclable paper or plastic material.  New ecological reusable bags are now available.  Everything to charm nature!


Léger & Cie, the exclusive distributor of the Vagheggi products in Canada, is a family owned, dynamic, creative, passionate enterprise totally devoted to the satisfaction of its clientele.  Since its founding, Léger & Cie. has remained faithful to Vagheggi, firmly believing in its scientific expertise, its progressive development and the exceptional quality of its products.  It is with great pride that these 25 years of collaboration were celebrated in the fall of 2012. 

In order to satisfy the demand of its clientele and to keep up with the competition, Léger & Cie. offers a fabulous range of other exclusive products:

Dolcera:   A unique range of natural pine resin waxes imported from Italy.  The texture varies according to the ingredients added to the mixture to satisfy the need of any types of skins. They also bring a wonderful aroma therapeutic experience.


In order to help its clientele master the Vagheggi techniques and treatments, Léger & Cie. offers free weekly training session in their inviting, warm training room as well as a detailed technical manual with treatment protocols for each of the lines and DVDs.

Léger & Cie. also offers remarkable marketing tools for promoting the products in the market place and increase sales and profits for its clientele. They have created a client’s loyalty program to help their clients using the Vagheggi line to distinguish themselves from the competition.  Finally, monthly promotions allow its clientele to benefit from huge savings that they can, in turn, offer their clients.