Company policy


  1. The first order must be paid in full upon delivery either in cash, certified check or credit/debit card.
  2. Once your credit has been approved, all further purchases will be payable within thirty (30) days.
  3. No order will be accepted if an account has a balance outstanding for more than sixty (60) days.
  4. At the end of each month, a 2% interest fee will be added to any outstanding amount over the 30 days on the account.
  5. Special handling fees of 8$ will be charged for any C.O.D. order to the exception of the opening order.
  6. The owner agrees to use and sell the products solely at the location mentioned on the account opening form. Any changes must be pre-approved by Léger &Cie Inc.


  1. Léger & Cie. reserve the right to accept or decline any order, in part or in total. The shipping of previous orders does not, in any case, oblige Léger &Cie Inc. to continue servicing a client.
  2. Any error in an order has to be reported to our office within three 3 days following the reception of the merchandise.
  3. No return of merchandise will be accepted without the verbal or written authorization of Léger & Cie. When the return is accepted, the credit will only be applied on the client’s account after proper verification of the order/products returned. Depending on the situation and at the entire discretion of Léger & Cie., the return shipping fees could be at the customer’s expenses.
  4. Léger & Cie. reserve the right to refuse any returned products not suitable for resale. According to the condition of the products when received in our facility, a minimum of 20% or more could be deducted from the credit owed for reconditioning.
  5. In the event of a business closing or a product line change by the customer, Léger &Cie.will not take back any products on hand by the customer.


The retail prices on the price lists are suggested maximum prices.




  1. Minimum amount required for the first Vagheggi order: 1000$ (excluding taxes).
  2. Considering the fact that the Vagheggi product line has to be recommended by professionals, it is strictly forbidden to sell them directly or indirectly on the internet or similar systems.
  3. A 1000$ minimum yearly purchase must be maintained to keep your account open with Léger & Cie.
  4. SHIPPING FEES:* 15$ for any order under 200$
    10$ for order between 200$ and 500$
    No shipping fees for orders over 500$
    * These fees are applicable for the Vagheggi, PodoSensé and Dolcera lines.
  5. VOLUME DISCOUNT:2% discount on any order between 500$ and 1000$.
    4% discount on any order over 1000$
    + 50 free samples, of your choice, upon request.
  6. Except for the professional size products and samples, every time you order 12 of the same product, you will get the 13th absolutely FREE.



  1. Minimum order to open a PodoSensé account is: 500$ (before taxes)
  2. Considering the fact that this product line has to be recommended by professionals, it is strictly     
    forbidden to sell them directly or indirectly on the internet or similar systems.


It is mandatory that each person performing the Silky Skin method in the institute attend the   
appropriate training beforehand. Léger & Cie. reserve the right to refuse selling or remove the products
from the institute if this imperative condition is not respected by everyone concerned.