Lime vitamin C Line

Pollution, smoking, UV rays, incorrect diets and stress are many of the elements that attack and oxidize the skin structures, giving it a dull and grayish tone, causing premature ageing of the tissues. This line of versatile products can be used all year round and is designed for both young and mature skins. Made of stabilized Vitamin C, integral juice of Calabria oranges, lime essential oil and butter, orange blossom flower distillate, all of the products main objective is to revive, nourish and illuminate the skin. The Lime/Vitamin C treatment combats, on a daily basis, free radicals and pollution, repairs cutaneous cellular structures which are essential to the production of new collagen. It protects the skin against collateral damages from UV rays. It is an excellent ally before or during lengthy periods of exposure to the sun to prevent its drying effects on the skin.