Silky Skin Line


Vagheggi introduces Silky Skin, a revolutionary method that renders durable depilation accessible to everyone, to its depilatory product line. Silky Skin is suitable for all hair types, any skin color, all ages and all body parts, even the most sensitive ones. Its formula is painless, has no side effects and no sun tanning restriction.

Consistent with its philosophy of creating phytocosmetics products for skin care for over 40 years now, the Vagheggi laboratories have created a most innovative formula made of a special blend of high performance natural and synthetic ingredients  that give exceptional results while offering an optimal protection to any skin types, even the most sensitive. The superior quality of its ecological packaging and the remarkable texture of the products are also coherent with the philosophy and the new green ideology of Vagheggi.

Not only is the Silky Skin method efficient and easy to use, it is also the most economical durable depilation method on the market today.

As simple as 1, 2, 3! Two products, three steps: Depilation, Lotion A and Gel B.*

* For professional use only, not indicated for retail.