From the outset, it is a known fact that stress favors the appearance of unsightly cellulite. Today it is proven that stress has a direct impact on skin problems typical of cellulite and localized adiposities. Starting from this evidence, Vagheggi has created SINECELL, a new body line specifically designed for busy people who live their lives intensely and have little time to devote to their well-being but, at the same time, want the perfect silhouette! SINECELL is the long awaited answer to fight unsightly cellulite and adiposities in a professional and most efficient manner.

In addition to the limits of traditional cosmetics, SINECELL innovatively responds to the aesthetics of cellulite with high-performance, new generation active ingredients! Special algae extracts stimulate the process of lipolysis, which activates blood circulation to create a fission in adipose tissues to make it possible to burn fat and attack the typical appearance of ‘’orange peel ‘’ skin. Purified probiotics provide a revolutionary approach to the skin microbiome by providing it with essential nutrients and activating the recycling and the subsequent disposal of waste. SINECELL’s action is reinforced by the reducing and draining effect of the caffeine, organic iodine and seaweed extract from the Phyllacanta Fibrosa and Quercia Marina.